New Insurance Agents For Our Council

On Saturday, August 13, General Agent Tom Supak announced that the Supak Agency would no longer have the Diocese of Austin effective August 1, 2016.  A recent realignment of general agencies in Texas created two new general agencies; one for the Diocese of Austin, and the other in the Diocese of Ft. Worth.  The new general agent for the Diocese of Austin will be Will Britten, a native of Amarillo, moving home to Texas from Colorado.  Our councils owes a great debt to Tom, Doug and Jody Supak for providing many of our families with Knights of Columbus Insurance for the past 4 decades.  Doug Supak has been our council’s field agent since 1979.  We will soon have a new field agent, and a new general agent to take care of our council’s needs.  Nearly 48% of our council are insurance members of the Order because of the efforts of Tom, Doug and Jody.

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