Council 3205 meetings are held every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at St. Thomas Aquinas. We have our own dedicated room, the Father Michael McGivney room located in the church or we may meet at the Pat Zurek Hall also located on the church grounds. The Rosary and pre-meeting meal are typically served before the meeting starting at 6pm in the Chapel (for Rosary).

Benefits of Council Membership:

  • An opportunity to become part of the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization.
  • A great way to make a personal contribution to the Church and community through charity and fraternity.
  • Active participation in Council activities serves as a “school of leadership” which will enable you to develop qualities that enhance your strengths and abilities.
  • A sense of “belonging” in an organization that shares your religious beliefs and brings to together like-minded men joined in a common cause.
  • Concerns for your family and your retirement years can be addressed by the Order’s optional, low-cost life insurance.
  • A send of pride, knowing that the Knights of Columbus is second to none in support of our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests and our fellow man.

Meeting place:  St. Thomas Aquinas

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