Looking for a new Chief Counselor for the Squires Circle

By Ray Thomas


Looking for a new Chief Counselor for the Squires Circle. I will remain on as a counselor, but need new blood for the Chief Counselor and possibly additional counselors.

My son, Joey, will no longer be a Squire as he is 18 and soon to be a Knight.

I believe it is important for the primary counselor(s) to have a son in the circle. I also am about out of new and creative ideas for the boys after 10+ years of BSA and the past few years with the Circle.

Please prayerfully consider this endeavor and contact me with any questions. The boys are getting better at running the Circle themselves, meetings are once a month, minimal paperwork for Supreme records and the Circle’s checking account.

Looking to have Chief Counselor in place by the new fraternal year that begins July 1.


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