Lenten Meals – Success! Big THANK YOU

By Grand Knight, Ron Gay


The 2011 Lenten Meals are over, and Council 3205 had a fantastic
season! Thank you to everyone who helped make our Lenten Meals so
successful. We have cleared $2,329.39! That is fantastic! It’s
nearly $400 over budget for the event.

I want to thank Program Director Leonard Muesse, and Church Director
Dan King for an outstanding job of organizing this year’s Lenten
Meals. I also want to thank the Council for “Manning Up” and showing
up to help work and serve this project. We couldn’t have done it with
out the dozens of members who showed up every Friday to lend a hand.
Thanks also to all of our members and their families who showed up to
buy Lenten meals, your financial sacrifice is deeply appreciated. We
also want to thank the “signs” for pointing the way to our Lenten
Meals this year.

Thank you also to Fr. Michael and Fr. Wade; and Deacons Ted, Frank,
Dave and Ron for your promotion of the Lenten Meal project during mass
and Stations of the Cross.

I’m just so proud of this council and it’s members! I just want all
of you to know how important each and every one of your contributions
was to the success of this project. Thank You!

Ron Gay, FSD
Grand Knight
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