New Members in College Station

by GK Ron Gay


Council 3205 hosted a First Degree this evening in which 19 new members were inducted. Please join me in welcoming five (5) new members into Council 3205 in College Station; Gustavo Roman, Mike Pawelek, Matt Tennis, Carlos Guadarrama-Perez, and Shane McAuliffe. Our Council has inducted ten (10) new members this year for a net gain of eight (8) new members. We need seventeen (17) new members to reach our Star Council goal. I want to thank our Membership Director, Brother Richard Darnell, for the excellent job he is doing in recruiting new members. However, we are only half way to our goal, so we need to keep recruiting.

I also want to thank our Degree Team of Gary Richardson, Michael Hlavinka, Adrian Martinez, Al Mazoch, and Ray Thomas for their excellent work. Nineteen new members were exemplified tonight, twelve (12) for Council 10624 at Texas A&M, five (5) for Council 3205 in College Station and two (2) for Council 11759 in Bryan.

Our next first degree will be Thursday, March 1 in Zurek Hall @ St. Thomas Aquinas in College Station. If you have a prospect invite them to come to the new member orientation that starts at 6:30 pm.

Ron Gay, FSD
Grand Knight

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