Choose Life License Plate Coming to Texas!

Choose Life License Plate Coming to Texas!
November 16, 2011

Dear Norma,
The 10-year effort to create a pro-life specialty license plate in Texas has finally met with success, and the Choose Life license plate will soon be a reality!

Thanks to the support of the Texas Legislature, Gov. Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and thousands of pro-lifers across the state, a specialty license plate with the message “Choose Life” will be available for purchase by the end of November. Out of the more than 150 specialty license plates in Texas, the Choose Life license plate is the only one to promote the loving option of adoption wherever you drive.

The Choose Life license plate promotes infant adoption as a compassionate alternative to abortion. When you purchase a Choose Life license plate, $22 of the $30 annual fee will go to a fund administered by Attorney General Greg Abbott, who will give grants only to qualified pro-life organizations that offer assistance to pregnant women considering placing their children for adoption. Those organizations include pregnancy resource centers, Gabriel Projects, maternity homes, and adoption agencies. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, which perform or promote abortion, are not eligible. (The remaining $8 covers state and county administrative costs.)

As the official state sponsor organization of the Choose Life license plates, we are excited to announce that Texas Alliance for Life has begun a statewide tour to promote the purpose and sale of the Choose Life license plates. We are calling our multi-city speaking tour the Choose Life Texas Tour. We will equip the grassroots with important information and statistics about adoption and what individuals can do to help us save lives by getting the message out effectively.

Having a local contact is very important in organizing the Choose Life Texas Tour. Would you help us find a venue like a private home for a reception, pro-life meetings, civic organization meetings, church ministry fairs, etc.? If you are interested in helping organize an event in your area to promote infant adoption through the Choose Life license plate, please send us an email at

This is one of those wonderful opportunities where you can make a huge difference for life in your own community. If you aren’t able to help plan a local event, perhaps you would consider a donation to help the success of the Choose Life Texas Tour. Please donate online HERE or click on the Donate now! button. (Please note “Choose Life” in the comment section.)

Please watch our website for the Choose Life Texas Tour schedule, and we hope to see you when we are in your area!

Joe Pojman, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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