January Meeting Recap

By GK Ron Gay:


We had outstanding attendance at our first Council meeting for 2012 with 35 Brother Knights giving us some of their very valuable time on the first Wednesday in January. Brother Ralf Trujillo was out of the hospital and able to join us after his recent open heart surgery. Brother Don Parsons is still hospitalized following stomach surgery. If you were not able to join us, we want you to know that you were missed. We hope you will put our next Council meeting, February 1, on your calendar today.

The Grand Knight summarized the Council’s successful activities during the month of December. The 2nd Annual Wine & Cheese event was very successful, netting the Council $3,653.00 for our charity account. Many thanks to our Brothers who helped make this year’s tasting a success; our sponsors, Jeff Paradowski’s Law Office, Paul Marvin and Ron Gay. Also I would like to thank Al Mazoch, C. J Romero, Bob Albanese, Larry Hubbell, Dick Allen, Don Parsons, Leonard Muesse, Paul Marvin, David Gerling, Dan King, Michael Herring, Darrell Lovelette, Ray Thomas, Russ Kellen, Phil Lippman, Deacon Dave Mays and James Supak for their generous contribution of time towards the success of this event.

The Council provided a continental breakfast and a pizza and salad lunch for about 45 Deacon candidates and their wives at St. Thomas Aquinas on December 10. Food was prepared and delivered to about 100 guests that day. The Council covered the $200 in expenses. I would like to lift up Al Mazoch and Jim Ebanks for helping with this event.

Our annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner was on December 15. We had 140 people attend this year’s dinner at St. Thomas Aquinas. Bishop Joe Vasquez was there and he delivered the keynote speech. There were 20 Priests, Deacons and Religious in attendance. Many thanks are owed to Michael Vidrine and Tom Zike for chairing this year’s dinner. Thanks also to Russ Kellen for providing the Christmas music. Special thanks to Lilly Muesse for making all of the table decorations. Thanks also to our Pastor, Fr. Edwin and to Fr. Uche for being so supportive of this event.

Fr. Edwin thanked the Knights for the Clergy Appreciation Dinner. He also challenged us to make Christ visibile in our parish, homes and community especially during Advent. He asked the Council to consider putting up a large, public Nativity scene up so that the whole community can see it and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. The Officers will be meeting in the very near future to discuss how to make this happen.

Our Treasurer, Dan King, reported that our accounts are very healthy right now. We have more than $8,000 in our operating account and we have more than $6,000 in our charity account.

Our Financial Secretary, Paul Marvin, reported that the 2012 dues notices have been sent out. We anticipate collecting $10,000 in dues this year, so far about $1,000 has been paid in. Paul is working with John Romero and Dan King to make it possible for members to pay their dues with a credit card via the web site.

Membership – Richard Darnell reported that we will have a first degree on Wednesday, January 25 at St. Thomas Aquinas. Candidates need to report @ 6:30 pm. So far this fraternal year we have 5 new members and 2 dropped members for a net gain of 3 members.

One of our big Council activities is the Super Bowl Chili Sale slated for February 5. This is a major project for us, and Leonard Muesse and Gary Richardson are going to need everyone to help out for it to be a success. Check the web page to sign up for one of the shifts for the Chili Cook.

The Super Bowl Chili Cook will be followed by Lenten meals project. We serve fish every Friday during Lent. Ash Wednesday is February 22, our first Lenten Meal will be Friday, February 24.

The Pancake Breakfast will be January 8 with Mark Schoenemann’s Team on duty. The proceeds from this month’s breakfast will be donated to the Wheelchair Foundation.

The Council received a request from Chris Smith to support his work with NET Ministries, a group of young people who travel the country putting on retreats for students and young adults. The Council voted to support Chris with a contribution of $250.00.

Brother Phil Lippman presented to the Council and opportunity to help fund a Automatic External Defibrillator. The Council voted to dedicate the proceeds from the February pancake breakfast to the purchase of an AED for the parish.

Family Director Kevin Biasiolli has approached the Women’s Guild about the Council partnering with them on the Valentine’s Marriage Liturgy again this year.

The Fourth Degree Assembly will meet next Tuesday, January 10 in Zurek Hall.

Ron Gay, FSD
Grand Knight

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