Fall Classic Volunteer – Special Olympics needed…..

Aquatics Volunteer

Special Olympics Texas 2012 Fall Classic is quickly approaching. Competitions and events will be held October 25-27 in Bryan/College Station. Over 1,800 athletes from around Texas will be competing in aquatics, bocce, golf, and softball. It will take about 1,200 volunteers to make this event happen, so we would like to extend the invitation for you to join us.

Youth ages 8 to 14 are welcome to volunteer with a chaperone, but do not need to reserve their own volunteer position. We require a ratio of one adult for four youth in this age range. Youth ages 15 and up do not need to have a chaperone and thus need to reserve their own volunteer position. Children ages 7 and younger are not allowed to volunteer or accompany an adult while they are volunteering, but are welcome to view the excitement as fans in the stands with a parent or other adult.
Fall Classic volunteer registration will end on October 25 at 10:00 p.m., so sign up early to get your preferred volunteer assignment before the shifts fill.

The need for volunteers large as you can see by do a (control+click) on the link borrow.
By clicking on the event the Eventbrite will come up to provide the site to reserve a spot at the time wanted.

Hoping that each Council can find member that can help with the Call for help.
Remembering the State Deputy Motto “We Are Called”.

Louis Struble
Knights of Columbus
Austin Diocese
Special Olympics Coordinator
Area 6-12-13

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