June council meeting overview

By GK Ron Gay


We held our June Council meeting on Wednesday, June 6 with 37 brother knights in attendance.  If you were not able to be there I want you to know that you were missed.  Dinner was provided by Tony Roma’s and Brother Rob Everett.

Randy Hermes with The Bridge Orphan Alliance gave a thought provoking program on the current conditions of orphaned children in the Ukraine and what he and his organization are doing to help the situation.

We have a First Degre scheduled for Wednesday, June 13 beginning with the new member orientation at 6:30 pm.

In his report, the Grand Knight encouraged everyone to see the new movie, “For Greater Glory”.  The film follows the Christero War in Mexico in the late 1920’s.  The religious liberty parallels are remarkable.  The Grand Knight also lifted up Ray Thomas for his run for District Attorney.  Ray didn’t win but he courageously offered himself as a candidate for consideration by the electorate.  The Grand Knight thanked Fr. Uche for his service to our parish and wished him well with his next assignment.  Fr. Uche will be transferring to Austin’s Sacred Heart Parish in July.

In his Chaplain’s Report Fr. Edwin explained about the Corpus Christi procession that would be taking place on June 7.  The Council paid for the canopy that will be used in the procession.  Many thanks to Don Parsons and Matt Tennis for constructing the frame and the poles for the canopy.

The Treasurer reported that we have $13,663.84 in our operating account, and we have $5,096 in our charity account.

The Financial Secretary reported that our membership currently stands at 291 members.  We have recruited 17 new members this fraternal year, with two member losses for a net gain of 15 members.  We have added 5 new insurance members, but dropped three insurance members for a net gain of 2 insurance members.  To reach Star Council status we need 2 more recruits and 4 more insurance members.

The Chancellor reported that we are having a chalice engraved for Brian Reedy, SJ, a seminarian from our parish who will be ordained on June 9.  He also reported on the RSVP program which is the seminarian support program of the Supreme Council.  RSVP has generated over $50 million to more than 80,000 seminarians during the programs 30 years.  In 2010-11, Texas led the Order with 182 Councils and Assemblies donating $284,628 to 386 seminarians.

Deputy Grand Knight Darrell Lovelette had the Program Directors make their reports.

Council Director Bob McKee will be organizing the Council’s annual Hamburger and Corn Cook on June 20th in the PAC.  Members and their families can come to the PAC for hamburgers and corn on the cob at 6 pm.  The Council will hold its annual awards ceremony also.

Church Director Tom Zike reported that there will be a farewell dinner for Fr. Uche on Saturday, June 23 in the PAC after the 5:30 pm mass.  Matt Tennis also asked for volunteers to say the Rosary before the 5:30 pm mass on Saturday evening.

Memberhship Director Richard Darnell reminded everyone of the First Degree on June 13.  He also recognized the 6 new 3rd Degree members for our Council.

Our parish Youth Director and Brother Knight James Longoria asked for assistance with cooking lunch and dinner at the youth retreat on June 9 at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Under new business, the Council voted to donate $250 toward Fr. Uche’s going away dinner.

Assembly 2041 will have their monthly meeting Tuesday, June 12 at St. Mary’s in Hearne.  Its the annual hamburger cook.

Ron Gay, FSD
Grand Knight

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