Pancake Team Volunteers Needed…

by: Leonard Muesse

Brother Knights,

Pancakes from the Knights

Real Pancakes from the Knights

Our Council has a designated list of volunteers for each of our three pancake breakfast teams. Our current pancake team leaders are:

1. Mark Schoenemann

2. Mike Hlavinka

3. Russ Kellen

It takes up to 10 Brother Knights to work a pancake breakfast without putting a strain on any one volunteer. We have many new members in our Council as well as established members who are not on a team and there is no reason why we cannot have a at least 15 members to a pancake breakfast team.

If we can get 15 designated members assigned to a team it can still run effectively with 33% of the team absent. And this is usually always the case due to family commitments, illness, working , vacation, etc.

As you know, volunteering your time to our fundraisers is a great way to get to know and build friendships with your Brother Knights and to get involved with our Council activities. We are always looking for new leaders as well to “pass the torch” to allow our Council to continue growing. This new leader could be you if you so desire.

If you are on a pancake team list now please let me know what team you are on.

If you are not on a pancake team please let me know if you can volunteer a Sunday morning once every 3 months. After I get the results back from our members I will let you know what team you will be assigned to that needs help the most.

When you e-mail me, please include your e-mail address as well as a contact phone number. This information is now posted on the web and you will then be notified when your team is scheduled to work. Please notify your crew leader if you cannot work when you are scheduled.

Thank you!


Leonard Muesse
Program Director

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